Pauline Lumumba

Independence leader

Pauline Lumumba (1 January 1937- 23 December 2014)

Remembered for

Wife of Congolese independent leader.

Her story

She was  the wife  of Patrice Lumumba and his support from the beginning. She upheld the values and honors that Patrice Lumumba stood for until her death in 2014.

She was a early member of the Mouvement National Congolais (MNC), the organisation, created by her husband Patrice Lumumba. Prior to independence, the MNC was the only African organisation which organised across regions and ethnicities in the Congo.

Pauline witnessed her husband’s brutal arrest, and children were left traumatised.

Shortly after his death, in 1961, she marched topless through the streets of Leopoldville in the Congo to mourn and to protest against the murder of her husband.

She spent times in many countries to escape neo-colonial regime oppression, particularly in Egypt under  Nasser, Cuba of Fidel Castro, in  Uganda by Milton Oboté, in Tanzania by Julius Nyerere, in China by  Mao Tsé Toung etc…

She is been very critical against the powers that  played a major role in murdering her husband.