Kimpa Vita

Kongo Empire prophet

Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita (2 July 1706-1984)

Remembered for

Kimpa Vita was a Kongo Empire prophet and leader of Antonian movement where it was claimed that Jesus and other early Christian figures were from the Kongo Empire.


Her story

Kimpa Vita believed that she was the reincarnation of St. Anthony and had a special connection to God, among other things.

From her communication with God, she learned that Kongo must reunite under a new king, for the civil wars that had plagued Kongo since the battle of Mbwila in 1665 had angered Christ.

She perceived her role to build a specific Kongolese Catholicism and unite the Kongo under one king. Therefore, she destroyed any status and other objects referring to other Gods.

She was able to spread her beliefs and won noble converts.

Kimpa Vita was captured near her hometown and burned at the temporary capital of Evululu as a heretic in 1706 by forces loyal to Pedro IV. She was seen by many as a Champion of the People for rallying the Kongolese peasants into Sao Salvador.