Goddess of rain


Commemorated for

Goddess of the rain in the Kongo mythology.

Her history

She is the daughter of Mboze.

Bunzi appears as a multicolored snake and rewards those who worship her with a bountiful harvest.

Bunzi’s mother took her son, Makanga, as her lover, and gave birth to Bunzi. On seeing Bunzi, Kuitikuit, her husband, realized that he could not have given birth to a snake. Thus he knew that Mboze had been unfaithful to him, and killed her.

Over time, Bunzi grew and understood the meaning of her existence. She had to assume the rain power of her mother and became the goddess of the rain that grows the plants that feed men.

According to legend, when a rainbow appears in the sky, it is Bunzi. Sometimes it can also be seen in the tumultuous waters of the river at sunset.