About us

K Women on The Spot is a movement willing to put Congolese history in the collective memory of the African  people to inspire the heroine in all of us.

+++ As long as lions do not have their own historians, hunting stories can only sing the glory of the hunter +++

In 3 points, the manifesto of this movement is to:

1. Pay hommage to our forgotten heroines of Congolese history.

2. Convey our story together and writing it into our present

3. Create a space for dialogue at a national and international level


Today, a new era is  beginning in the DR Congo and we do not want to forget those who have helped to make this possible.

Through our movement, you will discover how proud we are of our past and present heroines.

Also, our presence and activity on social networks simultaneously constitute a precious tribute to our heroines and preserve our oral history.

Key Facts

1. Inspire; Role models

“Women are often seen as the pilar of a family, we say women educate a nation”

Congolese women are often the backbone of social interactions and are more likely than men to open a business. This is not a recent occurence and throughout history, Congolese women have been able to initiate, create, develop and implement strategies to protect their families, their communities and their kingdoms.

There is a need to recognise their contributions at a national level to inspire the new generation.

2. Numbers; Gender equality; Demography

Latest reports show that  women represent 50.6% of the Congolese population. Kinshasa is already the third most populated city in Africa, with 13.3 million inhabitants, it is estimated that in 2050 half of the world population will be on the continent. The  impact this will have on the world will be significant.

Congolese women will be half of population and are set to play a major role in the development.

3. Educate; Positive narrative; #KnowYourHistory

The DR Congo’s history starts with kingdoms, kings and queens that have been admired and respected by other civilizations. Its society was very progressive and allowed women to play very important roles in economic and political spheres.

On an international level, the current narrative of the country is one of war where women are the victims.  Also, statistics have shown that more women would need to have access to education.

While we recognise that improvements are needed to address the situation, it important that we are made aware that in the past, it was not uncommon for women to be leaders.

4. Resources; People

DR Congo is famously known for its abundance of natural resources. This has brought and continues to bring greed to the country and this does not benefit a large number of the population.

However, the main resources of Congo is its population: how they survive, the value they are able to transmit to the future generations and the impact that they are able to make for their country.